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Umbrella organization of all Youth in Uganda between the ages of 18-30 years.

Background of The National Youth Council

The National Youth Councils is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament as an umbrella organization of all Youth in Uganda between the ages of 18-30 years and is mandated to organize, mobilize and engage Youth in development activities as well as protect them from any kind of manipulation.

The Council is the lead, National umbrella body charged with the organization, protection and unifying of the youth of this country to harness their potential through raising their national consciousness, creating awareness on their health, skills development and Labour productivity for sustainable and youth responsive development.

NYC Legal Status

The National Youth Council was first established by an Act of Parliament in 1993 (National Youth Council Act Cap 319) and amended in 2003 & 2010.

Definition of Youth

Youth are all persons between the ages of 18-30 yrs according to the National Youth Council Statute 1993.


To be the leading organization in the empowerment of youths, enabling them to serve and contribute effectively in the development process.


“To contribute significantly through the Youth Council structures to the social-economic empowerment of youth by creating a sustainable and enabling environment.”


  1. To organize the youth of Uganda in a unified body.
  2. To engage the youth in activities that are of benefit to them and the nation.
  3. To protect the youth against any kind of manipulation.


  • To Inspire and promote among youth a spirit of unity and national consciousness
  • To provide a unified and integrated system through which the youth may communicate and coordinate their ideas and activities
  • To establish channels through which economic and social services amenities may reach the youth in all areas of Uganda
  • To encourage the youth to consolidate their role in national development in the economic, social, cultural and educational fields
  • To initiate and encourage the formation of youth organizations and to facilitate communication among them.
  • To promote relations between youth organizations in Uganda and international youth organizations and other bodies with similar objects or interests; and
  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the council under this statute.

Youth representation to the legislature

The youth are represented in the parliament of Uganda by 5 youth MPs who are elected on a regional basis. The youth are also represented in each district, & sub-county local council by 2 youth, a male and a female.

Rights of the youth

The youth of Uganda have rights to:

Be represented in relevant decision-making structures and bodies at all levels

Both formal and informal education

Recreation and leisure

Stable family life and good care


Health and welfare

Freedom of belief and culture

National and international friendship and peace

Priority Program Areas

Performance and progress will be measured in substantive program areas as reflected in our strategic investment plan:

  • Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
  • Education, training, and development of youth structures
  • Public relations communication
  • Participation and advocacy
  • Coordination, research, and development
  • Democracy and governance 
  • Employment, Volunteering

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