The National Youth Council of Uganda was established to harness the energies, imagination, and initiative of the youth and assist them to highlight their contributions to society and help address their challenges. 

Young men and women constitute the largest considerable single block of our country. It is reported that in the world Uganda has the world’s youngest population with over 78 percent of its population below the age of 30. With just under eight million youth aged 15 – 30 years.

A youthful population has several potential advantages for national socio-economic development that include a greater degree of mobility, versatility, openness, adaptability, and tolerance.

A youthful population also provides opportunities for mass production and hence economies of scale required for the development of local industrial and commercial enterprises. Furthermore, where the appropriate mechanisms exist, a healthy youthful population can provide a support base for social security systems.  

Nevertheless, the major problems affecting the youth among others remain to be; - 

Lack of employable skills.

Lack of access to resources like land and capital.

Lack of focus by the existing programmes in the informal sector and agriculture.

Overemphasis on experience and lack of apprenticeship schemes.

Negative attitudes by the youth towards work especially in agriculture.

Lack of a comprehensive youth employment policy.

Negative cultural attitudes such as gender discrimination. 

The National Youth Council is committed to long term partnerships to help us deliver our goals. We take a lead coordinating role at both national and community level between government and civil society. Young people should be inclusive in the participatory process, including the entire spectrum of actors involved in youth programmings, such as youth organizations, youth political organizations, and student organizations.

The participation of young people takes a supportive environment to nurture young people's aspirations and skills for empowerment to ultimately occur. It is partnerships that will ensure that young people are engaged in a sustainable and significant manner because they are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also today’s agents of social change.

We at the National Youth Council emphasize that youth have immense potential, creativity, energy, determination and a drive for innovation. The Council will continue to promote this potential in employment and entrepreneurship and other aspects of life.

It is for the above reasons that I call upon all young people to get involved in every programme design, implementation, and promotion as an equal partner. 

I thank you 

Shaft Nasser Mukwaya


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