To prepare young people for a career by developing employability skills through Volunteerism and Internships


To recruit, promote the NYC Volunteer and Internship programme to who might be seeking Volunteering /Internship placements, employers and the general public

Support the process of developing a policy (legal framework) and steering it through parliament Council meetings.

Ensure an enterprise training and skill development element is incorporated into the programming.

To strengthen the technical, institutional capacity of the National Youth Council in Monitoring and Evaluating the programme 


Equip the National Youth Councils with the skills and information to advance Volunteer and Internship related issues among young people both within and out of school.

Improve information flow both vertically and horizontally within and without all stakeholders.

Develop Volunteer and Internship mentoring programmes for youth council leaders.

Expected Outcome

Youth effectively participating in Volunteerism and Internship focused programmes.

An embraced culture of youth for volunteerism

Uganda Graduate Volunteer Scheme (UGVS)

Youth unemployment and underemployment are among the major challenges in Uganda. The unemployment level affects young people at 68 % and continues to intensify pressure on the country’s economy with its 3.5 % growth rate.

To address the youth employment challenges in Uganda, the National Youth Council (NYC) under Ministry of Gender Labour and social development ((MoGLSD) representing the Government of Uganda partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) on the Uganda Graduate Volunteer Scheme (UGVS), a project that is intended to provide a bridge for young Ugandan graduates as they transit from school to work.

The scheme will put in place a solid policy and legal framework which recognizes volunteerism as an avenue for youth’s contribution to the social development challenges, and a pathway to youth’s enhanced employability.

The scheme will specifically enhance youth employability through the following activities;

  • Induction training comprising of skills aimed at preparing the youth for the world of work in areas such as self-awareness and values, planning and goal setting, effective communication, decision making and problem-solving, work ethics and professionalism, career planning and networking and job security.
  • Volunteer placement with host organizations for one year to carry out functions and responsibilities designated by the organizations. This provides an ample opportunity to youth for learning on the job, building relationships and networks and putting their performance to test. The host organizations would be expected to provide additional specialized training to the youth volunteers serving their organizations to address specific functions and responsibilities the volunteers would be expected to discharge.
  • Coaching and mentoring for youth volunteers by designated staff in their host organization.
  • Connect youth volunteers to the private sector, financial institutions, and host institutions.

Youth volunteers will have opportunities to develop innovative enterprise ideas and will be supported.

The National Youth Council encourages the eligible youth to apply via https://gvsuganda.org/

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